Belong Queer Black Body

Belong Black Queer Body


Belong to the standards that deems you respectable, but invisible.

So that the ideas, creations, and passions you had dissipate into the abyss.

Since the inception of the chattel, you were only seen as a tool.

Barely human.

To the stereotype, that you are magic, powerful, un-breakable. BE LONG.

Imagine telling yourself this as you watched your body morphed into the in-between.

Re-imagine that this is truth, you are your ancestors’ dreams, not wildest, but just dreams.

De-c-o-n struct fallacies created to keep you stagnate and broken.

Understanding that these belongings…

Jai Davis (They/Them)

Black Queer Storyteller looking to heal the world through words. What is your story?

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